Newsletter July 2023 celebrating our 25th anniversary


Celebrating 25 Years of Unforgettable Adventures

Dear all!


It is with great excitement and gratitude that, today 04th of July 2023, we commemorate our 25th anniversary!


When opening the doors of our first property, Kafunta River Lodge, in July 1998, we set off on a remarkable trek to create exceptional hospitality and wildlife experiences for our guests. Today, we reflect on our incredible journey and achievements and we burst with excitement for what comes ahead with the arrival of The Sunset House!


Join us as we express our heartfelt appreciation to our incredible staff, loyal guests, and esteemed trade partners who have played a pivotal role in our success. And this most likely includes you!

Kafunta Staff

And the adventure begins...

In 1998, our dream of providing an extraordinary safari experience came to life with the opening of Kafunta River Lodge. But the adventure began much earlier when in 1988 a 24-year-old Anke picked up her backpack, left her parents’ farm in Germany and ventured to Australia. Little did she know that her path was about to cross with a Sydney-based free-spirited chap named Ron, and from that point on, their destiny was sealed.

Anke and Ron in 2000
The Cowan then and now

After Kafunta, we expanded our offerings to include two more unique properties: Island Bush Camp in 2001 and Three Rivers Camp in 2017. These distinctive camps have further increased our guests’ encounters with nature, offering different perspectives and immersion in the diverse landscapes of South Luangwa.

Island old and new

A new milestone

Opening later this year, our new Sunset House will stand proudly in honour of our 25th anniversary, a symbol of the incredible journey we set on many years ago. 



And foremost, a renewed commitment to providing exceptional hospitality and comfort. Designed with families and small groups in mind, the Sunset House will feature a three-bedroom setup that offers privacy and tranquillity, allowing our guests to create lasting memories in a heavenly setting.

Expressing Gratitude – 25 years of togetherness

None of this would have, however, been possible without the unwavering dedication of our remarkable staff, some of whom have been with us since day one.


Their passion, hard work, and genuine care for our guests have shaped the exceptional service that we know has become our trademark. We extend our deepest gratitude to each and every member of our team.

We also extend our sincere appreciation to our loyal guests and valued trade partners, who have not only endorsed us but have also become great friends. An integral part of the Kafunta family.


Over the years, you have entrusted us with your safari dreams, allowing us to bring you the wonders of the Luangwa wilderness.


Your support, feedback, and shared enthusiasm have continuously inspired us to elevate our standards and create unparalleled safari holidays. 



Looking ahead

The Cowan Family

Join us as we celebrate this significant milestone, and let us embark on another 25 years of extraordinary safari experiences, cherished friendships, and shared passion for the wild African bush. 

Together, we will continue to promote sustainable and environmentally conscious tourism, ensuring that future generations of Zambians, and visitors from around the world, will enjoy the beauty of the Luangwa Valley for decades to come.

Anke & Ron Cowan

Throughout the month of July, we will use our Instagram and Facebook pages to publish posts with interesting facts about Kafunta Safaris, “then & now” photos, staff messages, guest interviews and videos. 


Do you want to surprise us with a “Happy Anniversary” message too? Take a fun selfie video (not more than 15 seconds), send it to Izzy, and we will add it to our social media posts!


In any case, make sure to join in our 25th-anniversary celebrations! 

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