Planning your trip with Kafunta Safari’s or have questions about our properties? You’ll find all the answers here. 


A wildlife safari is a trip to observe and photograph wild animals in their natural habitats. Zambia offers an incredibly pristine wilderness with a great variety of wildlife and environments – and less people – making it a top destination for a safari.

Of course we do! Apart from our safari ideas on our website, we do have a pricing list that will give you some ideas of budget and itineraries. These can be customised to suit our needs. 

South Luangwa is probably the national park with the biggest concentration of animals out of the many destinations in Zambia. It’s perfect for a week-long (or more) safari. It has the largest population of leopards and wild dogs in the country.  saying that, we also encourage to combine South Luangwa with another park such as Lower Zambezi to also experience water-based safaris. 

Zambia has a pleasant climate which is roughly divided in three season: cool and dry from May to August, hot (very hot) and dry from September to November, and then warm and wet from December to April. These seasons will determine the type of game viewing one can expect. During the rains, unless for birding, there is less reasons to come as roads can be very difficult to navigate. That is the reason why we close completely from January through March. 


April and May are great months, with green scenery and cool temperatures. The bush is still thick so observing animals such as leopards and lions is more challenging, but extremely rewarding. June to October is the peak of the safari season (and when our bush camps are also open) with the bush slowly drying and thining. The waterholes attract wildlife and make it easier to observe the great variety of animals. It will get hotter however with October reaching temperature of 40c or 100f regularly.  November will see the first rains, often picking up in December. The bush is blooming again, water is available everywhere and animals start spreading. But the game viewing is still extraordinary. 


Of course if you have specific animals you want to see (ex wild dogs, or carmine bee-eaters) the ideal time to come may slightly differ. 


Read our blog “When is the best time to visit Zambia for safari” for more details. 


The South Luangwa has over 60 species of mammals and 500 species of birds, so it’s safe to say you will probably see a lot! South Luangwa is renowned for its large population of leopards, and in recent years wild dogs have significantly increased too. You will also see lions, hyenas, elephants, giraffe, zebras, hippos, many types of antelopes…  so most of the iconic African animals. However we don’t have cheetahs or rhinoceros. 

Birding is extraordinary with a special mention of the Pel’s Fishing Owl and the Carmine Bee-Eater. 


Have a look at our Guest Gallery, to see photos shared by our guests. That will give you a good idea of what sightings are like! 

Absolutely! Zambia has incredibly kind and hospitable people, and so does South Luangwa. 


You will be amazed at how friendly our staff is!

You don’t need any specific vaccination although just like any exotic travel, we recommend to have the typical vaccinations against tetanus, diphteria, hepatitis A & B and possibly typhoid.

The yellow fever vaccination is not required unless you are coming from a country affected by Yellow Fever (read the WHO latest info).

We strongly recommend an anti-malaria preventive course. 

In terms of visa, this depends on your nationality and it is best to always check before travelling. A large number of nationalities are dispensed of a visa, but not everyone. Always travel with a passport that has more than 3 full blank pages and a validity of at least 6 months. This is important! 

Visit the website of the Zambian Department of Immigration for full information. 

First you will have to find your way to Lusaka, which is Zambia’s capital. Several international airlines have scheduled flights to Lusaka. 


Once in Lusaka, we recommend flying to Mfuwe with Proflight who have regular flights, even multiple flights a day in peak season. The flight is just about one hour. 


We will then collect you from Mfuwe airport and take you to Kafunta River Lodge, which about a 45 minute drive. Should you go to our remote camps, you will switch vehicle from here. 


If you are coming from another national park, there may be options for a direct flight or a chartered private flight.


If you are coming from Malawi, there is a direct flight Lilongwe-Mfuwe.


Some visitors prefer driving, which is also possible but will take a lot longer (count on 8 to 10 hours between Lusaka and Mfuwe, and 5-6 hours between Lilongwe and Mfuwe). 


All in all there are several options, and we’re always happy to help you plan the best itinerary, and book transfers for you. 


This varies of course, from a week to several weeks depending on your budget. For Zambia, we recommend a minimum of 7 nights and ideally 10 to 14 nights for an extensive experience, especially if you want to combine several parks and see the Victoria Falls. 


This is based on a fly-in safari. If you are keen on self-driving, allow for a much longer period as roads will slow you down and parks are very far apart. 

Generally speaking, accommodation options include classic safari lodges (permanent structures, usually with solid walls and gauzed windows, with extra facilities such as a pool and a spa), tented camps (canvas tents but styles will go from basic to very luxurious, with all amenities included), or authentic bush camps (usually made of reed with possibly open showers). Star beds options are also very popular. 


At Kafunta Safaris each of our property is very different. Kafunta River Lodge is a classic safari lodge, The Sunset House is a private safari accommodation combining canvas and solid walls, Three rivers Camp is a sophisticated canvas camp with individual star beds, and finally Island Bush Camp is a rustic grass camp with elevated open-fronted chalets. 


Download our detailed brochure to understand each of our accommodation option. 

A safari typically involves early morning and late afternoon game drives in open 4X4 vehicles. This is the best way to see wildlife. Night drives offer a chance to see nocturnal animals. 


South Luangwa is also renowned for its walking safaris, where we set out on foot through the bush. We spend more time on the little things such as tracks, pooh, vegetation and observe bigger animals from a safe distance. 


Boat safaris and water-based activitities are available in parks with high-level rivers such as in Lower Zambezi, Kafue or on the Zambezi River near Livingstone (Victoria Falls).


Outside of game viewing activities, there are also cultural experiences through which you can understand how the local communities live and deal with the challenges of living in rural Africa. You can visit local craft shops too. 

Responsible tourism is our top priority, and dictates many of our operational choices. 

And by staying with us, you will have a positive impact on the local community as well as the protection of wildlife. Indeed, a portion of the rate goes back to three local organisations that we support: Project Luangwa, Conservation South Luangwa, and Chipembele Wildlife Educational Trust


But we do a lot more! Read our Responsible Tourism page of our website for full details of the many ways we give back and how you can contribute to this too. 

Yes of course! But there might be minimum ages depending on the properties. 

At Kafunta River Lodge and The Sunset House we welcome children from the age of 6, while we consider younger children on a case by case basis.  

At our bush camps, the minimum age is 12 years old, unless you privatise the camp. This is due to the minimum age for the walking safaris. 

Yes we can assist with that too. We can design an safari itinerary that is very specific to what you want in terms of duration, accommodation, parks and so on. The dates are of your own choice, as long as there is availability in terms of accommodation and transports. Once at the lodge or camps, you will be paired with other guests for activities. 

If you want a completely private safari, that is also possible by booking this in advance. You will have your private guide and vehicle for activities (additional cost). At The Sunset House, this is already included and it is perfect for families or small groups, it will guarantee complete flexibility. 

Safaris are often considered premium, once-in-a-lifetime experience, and they are relatively costly compared to standard vacations. 

A safari holiday will vary in cost depending on the duration of your stay, the type of camp you choose, the time of year, etc. 


At Kafunta Safaris, we do our best to keep our rates affordable and offer a great value safari experience. And our rates are typically all inclusive, so when you compare with other quotes make sure to understand what is and isn’t included. Keep in mind that we have short seasons, and that challenges of operating in remote areas usually bring the cost up. 


You can book directly with us or through a travel agent. The most important is to communicate clearly about what your expectations are and only deal with African specialists agents who know what they are talking about! 


You can see our international rates here, and we would be happy to give you a specific quote. Simply email us with your inquiry. 

This will depend if you booked directly with us or through a travel agent. 

But if you book with us, we accept cancellations without penatlies up to 91 days prior to arrival. If you cancel between 90 and 46 days, you will forfeit your deposit (20%). Our terms and conditions are listed here


If you book through a travel agent, inquire with them for specific conditions as they may vary. 

Our cuisine is inspired by Africa’s rich cultural heritage, it is sophisticated, tasty and healthy! 

And yes we can accommodate most diets and allergies. 

We invite you to read more about all this on our Dining page. 

We work with a daily set menu which varies every day, and our restaurant is catering to our resident guests at specific hours. We don’t offer an à la carte service, but we certainly adjust to any dietary request. 

Your packing will vary depending on the time of year, but typically it includes comfortable outdoor clothing and footwear, a hat and sunglasses. Some periods may be colder, while other months may be very very hot. Same goes for rain, proper gear may be needed for specific periods. 


Then there are all the little things you should consider. But we’ve covered this in this handy packing list

Or you can read our blog too. 

Yes we do! In our properties we provide shampoo, hair conditioner and shower gel. 

We provide an insect repellent lotion (lemon-grass based), but you might want to come with your own spray. 

The rooms at Kafunta River Lodge and Sunset House have hairdryers. But they are not permitted at Three Rivers Camp or Island Bush Camp due to insufficient power. 

No we don’t, so it is best that you bring your own equipment and lots of memory cards for your camera. 


We’ve written a great blog with our 21 Best Photography Tips. Don’t miss it!

Kafunta River Lodge & The Sunset House

Kafunta River Lodge is in adjacent to South Luangwa National Park, in the central Mfuwe area. We are about 20 minutes from the main gate to the park. And about 45 minutes from Mfuwe Airport. 

In the peak season, we operate a pontoon to cross into the park and by pass the main gate. 

The lodge has a great view of the flood plains of the Luangwa River with abundant wildlife right at the lodge. 

Kafunta River Lodge has 8 standard en-suite chalets which are designed for 1 or 2 people. We also have 2 suites with an upstairs loft, better designed for families of up to 4 people. 


The Sunset House is perfect for large family groups, inter-generation travellers and small parties of friends. We have 3 en-suite bedrooms there, for a total of 9 or 10 guests, and all private services. 


Read our fully detailed brochure for more information. 

The lodge has a very large lounge with a bar and multiple decks for dining and observing wildlife passing through. There is also a wildlife photographic hide. 

There is an infinity pool as well as a natural hot tub. And there is a small wellness room, the Fig Tree Spa, for relaxing massages. 

Wifi is available in the main area. 


The rooms have full power, they are equipped with a minibar, a safe  and a ceiling fan. 

The Sunset House is our latest addition to Kafunta. It is a private safari accommodation designed for families or small groups of friends. It is located next to Kafunta, but it has its own services and pool, as well as private activities. 


Visit The Sunset House page. 

Yes we do! We welcome children from the age of 6, while we consider younger children on a case by case basis.

At our bush camps, the minimum age is 12 years old, unless you privatise the camp. 

It is recommended to have an advance reservation as we can be very busy and may not be able to accommodate walk-in clients. 

Three Rivers Camp

Three Rivers Camp is in the southern part of the park, about 2 hours south of Kafunta River Lodge. It is right on the banks of the Luangwa River just at the edge of the park. 

We provide transfers between Kafunta River Lodge and Three Rivers. 

Three Rivers Camp has 5 very spacious canvas tents. Each tents has it’s en-suite bathroom which features an inside and outside shower. The accommodation is not completely sealed. 

Each room also has its own star bed which is connected to the tent, making it easy and safe to move between the tent and the star bed. 

We have 3 tents on the “wild” side and 2 tents on the “river” side. They are designed for 2 people. 

Read our fully detailed brochure for more information. 

The camp has a communal dining area where share our meals either al fresco or under the shade of the main tent. It also has a bar and a fire place. 

There isn’t any wifi as such but some phone signal can sometimes be found. 

The camp is operating on solar power, with charging plugs in the rooms. There is also a ceiling fan above the bed. 

Yes we offer both on a daily basis. Usually it is a combination of both actually but all activities are discussed between the manager and the safari guides. 


It is also possible to walk between Three Rivers and Island Bush Camp. 

Yes we do! 

But they must be 12 years and older (unless you privatise the camp). Walking safaris are only possible for those 12 and older. 

The camp has its own waterhole in the middle which attracts a lot of elephants and giraffes. The “Wild” side, which is an oxbow lagoon, also attracts a lot of animals. 


On activities you can expect to see a lot of antelopes, giraffes, elephants, birds and on occasion see leopards, lions and wild dogs.  

island bush Camp

Island Bush Camp is the most remote of our properties. It is deep in the southern part of the park. It is about 2 1/2 hours from Kafunta River Lodge, or another 30 minutes away from Three Rivers Camp.

We provide transfers between Kafunta River Lodge and Island Bush Camp. 

Island Bush Camp has 5 elevated chalets, which are all facing the Luangwa River. They are completely open to the front offering a 180-degree view of the river. 


The bathroom is also open, and equipped with a traditional bucket shower. 


The rooms are designed for 2 people. 


Read our fully detailed brochure for more information. 

The camp has a communal dining area where we share our meals either al fresco or under the shade of the thatched dining. It also has a bar and a place where we sit by the fire at night.


There is a great wildlife hide just outside camp where elephants often come to mud-bath. 


There is no electricity in this camp, we have solar lights but no plugs in the room. The main area has a charging unit for cameras and phones. There is no wifi. 

We offer a choice between a bush walk or a game drive, although we ask guests to agree on a choice and it can be a combination of both. Let us know in advance if you are only wanting to do one or the other activity so we can inform the camp manager. 

It is also possible to walk between Island Bush Camp and Three Rivers Camp. 

Yes we do! 

But they must be 12 years and older (unless you privatise the camp). Walking safaris are only possible for those 12 and older. 

The rooms are not designed for triple occupancy, so parents/children may be split if the child doesn’t want to sleep in his/her own room. 

The camp is set alongside the river so hippos are our main neighbours. We have elephants walking through very often. 

On activities you can expect to see a lot of antelopes, giraffes, elephants, birds and on occasion see leopards, lions and wild dogs.  

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