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Zambia Safari Luangwa Valley

The Luangwa Valley in Zambia, with 3 national parks including South Luangwa National Park, North Luangwa National Park and Luambe National Park is a safari destination par excellence. The three parks are located in the southern end of the Great Rift Valley in Zambia’s eastern province.

For Game viewing


The South Luangwa National Park is the most popular of the three parks and has year-round access. It is one of Africa’s ecologically unspoilt wilderness areas. The national park encompasses 9,050 square km and is home to over 500 bird species and over 60 species of mammals. The park is renowned for its high leopard population and these elusive creatures are commonly seen on night drives. The park is also home to large elephant herds and there are a great number of hippo and crocodile in the river. Lions are commonly seen in South Luangwa National Park and it is the only place in the world where they are known to kill hippos. The lion prides here include up to 20 animals! Species endemic to Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park are the Thornicroft giraffe and the Cookson’s wildebeest.

Photograph by Edward Selfe

Luangwa Seasons

When To Visit South Luangwa


This is the start of our safari season, when most of the rains have stopped and but the bush is still wearing a nice green coat. The water level of the river start to drop, exposing the vast sandbanks so typical of the Luangwa River. The temperature is comfortable, the skies are clear of dust and the sun is shining.


As the dry season advances, the lush green scenery turns to golden brown. This is the best time for game viewing. The water is scarce inland, so animals visit the river and waterholes more frequently providing with great opportunities for sightings. June and July are the winter months and are cold, but from August onward it will get hotter. October can have extremely hot temperatures.


This is the peak of the rainy season and the Luangwa River is in full flood. We are closed at this time as roads are difficult to navigate and the bush is thick with abundant vegetation. The rains are predominant.


Kafunta Opening Dates

Kafunta River Lodge is open from 01 April to 05 January. Three Rivers Camp and Island Bush Camp are open from 25 May to 31 October.

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