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October is almost over; I cannot believe it. And the end of October means (intense heat, yes, but that wasn’t what I had in mind) the end of our peak safari season and the closing of our two remote camps, Three Rivers and Island Bush Camps. It’s unbelievable that we’re already at that time. 


About the heat… with the thermometer often reaching 40 degrees Celsius or 100 Fahrenheit, it’s no understatement to say that it’s scorching. But the first bits of rain have arrived, and we hope more will follow soon to give South Luangwa some respite. 

Luke and Tara arrived at Kafunta in early September, and it’s lovely for the Cowan family to reunite here for such a long time. There is a lot to catch up on after months of travelling around the world, and before the end of their gap year brings them back to Australia. 


And it’s great to have Luke and Tara mingle with guests and visit the bush camps, too. 

Anke, Luke and Ron Cowan sitting by the pool
Anke, Luke and Tara - The Cowan family reunited

In this newsletter, we talk also about the sales trip we did to promote Kafunta to our trade partners. 


Izzy was in Austrial (photo) with agents from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Holland. Ritta attended a trade show in Lusaka. 

Wildlife at our doorstep

We know that South Luangwa abounds with wildlife and a great diversity of it too. But what is even more remarkable is that this magnificent wildlife can roam freely in and out of the park – there are no fences surrounding national parks in Zambia. As a result, you’re very likely to encounter wild animals right at the lodge or camp! And we love that! 

Lions in front of Kafunta by Alan Lees
Pool at Kafunta with elephants in the background

Local news

We give you news of the various local organizations we support, in particular the silent auction for Conservation South Luangwa as well as the story of Bupe, the little orphan elephant saved by Chipembele.

CSL Rangers on patrol in South Luangwa by Ed Selfe
Betty holding the newspaper with her photo on the cover

We also talk about the great story of Kafunta going global and most particularly our beloved Betty who made the cover of an Australian newspaper. 

You never know when you’ll make the headlines! 

Read Betty’s article story here.

Guest photos

And of course the newsletter is complete with a series of not-to-be-missed wildlife photos from our guests. Check these out by opening the full newsletter. 

Till next time!

Superb scenery with kudu in soft light by Untamed Wildlife

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