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August Newsletter & updates

Lion touching our safari vehicle

Hi there! I know you’ve been desperately waiting for our next newsletter or thinking it may have gotten lost in the vast expense of the digital universe. Fear not, it’s finally here. 


But time is flying, or rather sprinting through the bush like a frantic guinea fowl! Let’s not waste any more and dive straight into the latest stories from the past few weeks.


Ron & Anke have been really busy at Kafunta working on the Sunset House, but earlier in July, they took a few days off, flying over to Budapest to meet up with Luke & Tara, who are still enjoying their gap year through Europe. Luke & Tara are now making their way to Africa and will soon be at Kafunta for a visit.


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The Cowan family

Updates on the sunset house

Update on the Sunset House

It’s coming along nicely! I’m sure you can tell by these new photos.


We’re in the final stages of the construction and working on the interior fittings. We had a photo shoot scheduled last week with photographers Michael & Caroline Randall, so we sprinkled a touch of magic to stage the scene and make it look stunning despite the work in progress. It is giving us a very good feel of what it will be like once completed,  we plan to open in October. Stay tuned for the professional photos, which will be revealed soon. 

Inside the Sunset House
Sunset at the House

Phenomenal sightings

Wild dog pups

Now, let’s talk about what our guests have seen over the past two months. It’s been in-cre-di-ble! 


From Kafunta River Lodge, we’ve had frequent sightings of wild dogs, including a small pack denning near the lodge (yes pups!). And quite a lot of lion activity around, too. 


At Island and Three Rivers camps, leopards and giraffes have ruled the show, with one family of giraffes (it’s called a tower or a journey of giraffes) amounting to 17 individuals!


I’ve received stunning photos from our guests, but also a lot of videos, so for a change, I’m sharing these for you to enjoy.

Below is one of the stories: an incredible fight between a lion and a buffalo. The fight ended with a draw before any of them got seriously injured, despite the violence of the fight seen in the video.



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Lion fighting with a buffalo

Community & Conservation updates

Read more news about what is happening at Project Luangwa, Conservation South Luangwa and Chipembele Wildlife Conservation Trust. 


They all need your support. 


New Center for Excellence project

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